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Dear Customers and Partners,

Faced with the health crisis due to the CORONAVIRUS and the various recommendations and restrictions laid down by the authorities, we have set up a business continuity plan in the various areas where we operate.

We are pleased to give you the following updates:

  • Our administrative and commercial teams are teleworking at different locations and will respond to your questions by phone or email;
  • Our offices and sites are no longer accessible to the public but one of our local managers is on duty at all times;
  • Our technical staff members are organised to respond to all your requests for intervention and of course in emergencies;
  • The tower cranes continue to be active, even if no longer in use, so they should adjust to their environment and to the weather conditions. Their power supply must be maintained and periodic inspection is recommended. Assuring their safety is very important.

The UPERIO group is asking, as are all representative bodies in the construction sector and governments, for economic solidarity among all companies so that they will be paid by their respective customers and will pay their suppliers and subcontractors.

In the past few days we have received many requests for suspension of rents on your part, invoking force majeure. While we understand the concern to protect your economic interests, it is still the case that unilateral suspension of our contracts cannot be accepted and is a clear abuse of law. Also, in the general turmoil, there is confusion between the concept of force majeure and that of unforeseen circumstances.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the contracts in progress remain current and are continuing to produce their results. The rents that will be invoiced to you are due.
In terms of health, clearly we are taking every measure possible to protect the health of our employees who are carrying out their duties. The measures for protection are now known by everybody. We are counting on you to comply fully with social distancing in our operations on your sites.

The UPERIO group remains more determined than ever to stand alongside you in this period of uncertainty.
All our teams are mobilised to keep the projects going and are anticipating the "return to normal" so that our equipment meets your productivity requirements.

Best wishes to you all.

Philippe Cohet